About our school

St Paula Montal School is a Catholic, public school owned and administered by Piarist Sisters. The institution is designed to provide learning environment for each student who wishes to start his or her education at our school.

The motto of our Piarist activities is “Piety and Learning”. It’s a synthesis of Christian and human formation, unity of faith and culture. As the foundress of Piarist Sister St.Paula Montal had a goal to serve the families through education, especially the children and youth, we try to follow in her steps. Our students, teachers and administrative staff as well as parents form one school community, supporting each other in Christian upbringing.

Our educational style
supporting students in their harmonious and integral development, in every aspect of their lives, no matter what challenges they are facing, with the learner's autonomy as one of the goals
Christian values at the core of our educational programme
cherishing women and family values
openness and pedagogical approach, adaptability to technological advances and development of science
teachers' formation
Wychowanie w nauce
Wychowanie w wierze

Our skilled and experienced teachers provide the highest quality of teaching, being up-to-date with modern technologies and pedagogical knowledge. We believe that the learning process may take place not only in the classroom. That is why we often take our students on different field trips, museum tours or lessons, workshop sessions, organise skiing competitions, family hiking trips, stage plays, school parties and many others.

We owe the success of these initiatives to successful cooperation with the parents of our students, who offer their experience and expertise as well as their time. Our curriculum is fully consistent with the national curriculum. English is taught in convenient, smaller groups from the 1st grade. As an addition, we introduced an extra foreign language as early as in the 5th grade. Students may choose between German and Spanish.

In the past few years our students’ school leaving examination scores were much higher than the average results from our city, region and country, which enabled them access to the best secondary schools of their choice.

Our facilities
modern classrooms equipped with computers as well as projector screens or LCD monitors
computer lab
Science lab
common room for students from grades 1 to 4
Extra-curricular activities

Our students may take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, for example: sports classes, foreign languages classes, science clubs, art clubs, volunteering group, Young Discoverer Club, Orlęta Club. They may also have extra individual meetings with the teachers, should they need more assistance with learning.